Full Bio:
​  Michael has dedicated his life to sharing his unique ideas and strategy to support people, families, and organizations in creating unity and harmony. These things are done primarily via the mediums of speaking, coaching / consulting, writing, and television outlets-- including national daytime talk shows.  As an avid researcher, certified educator, and former school counselor, McGill uses his graduate background in Social Psychology, Family Development, and Urban Education to create systems of change that produce positive human connection and equity.

McGill's experience also includes work as:

  • A mayoral-appointed city health commissioner (Women, Infants & Children)
  • Consultant for organizations looking to build community, connection,

              and fruitful leadership. 

  • Middle & high school English teacher
  • Urban school mediation counselor & coordinator
  • Appointed juvenile court adjudication administrator
  • Support for state mental health agencies in working with 

             ​struggling families. 

With Michael's passion for people, social justice, his skill with reasoning and communication, and his love for teaching & storytelling,  he is often called upon to give keynote talks and masterclasses to:

  • Educator associations / professional development programs  
  • Social Service Organizations (state agencies, social workers, school counselors, etc. )
  • Corporate associations, organizations, and conferences
  •  Healing workshops
  • Community building organizations
  • Government organizations, including: U.S Department of Veteran Affairs, State of Minnesota, City of Kansas City, Commonwealth of Virginia, Nevada Department of Corrections, and more.
  • Universities, including: Georgetown University, University of the Bahamas, University of Michigan, University of Missouri, Truman State University, and more...  

Throughout every talk, Michael teaches on how to create healthy relationships & connection, how to be well internally, and tools for living our best lives passionately.  In order to do this effectively, Michael draws upon his very own experiences of success, trial, neglect, sexual abuse, rejection, family dysfunction, and other challenges to enrich others that they, too, can turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones!

Michael experienced growing up without his father and was scarred with feelings of abandonment and neglect. He longed for belonging, love, and connection. In his younger years, he even contemplated suicide. Once he witnessed his step father, a well-known drug dealer, laying on the pavement of a local gas station shot and murdered, he knew that time was but a vapor and there was surely a purpose for his living. He will help guide your audience with both inspiration and practicality! 

While Michael’s methods are practical and universal, he uses his story to inspire audiences- young and seasoned- to break barriers, ponder on self-awareness, take limits off of their lives, and he empowers them to heal and create the life they desire and deserve! Michael's practical message is delivered with both heart and humor, and you will instantly be able to tell that he LOVES what he is blessed to do!  When not speaking, writing, or appearing on television, Michael is also a represented and  regularly requested voice-over talent for a plethora of companies, including: Gatorade, Sprint, Applebee's, Wing Street, Visit KC, and a host of organizations, radio ads, and colleges across the country.  Michael believes that we don't have to be one dimensional beings; we can eat, sleep, and even breathe “PURPOSE!” Michael is looking forward to seeing you at an event soon!

"Only as high as I reach can I grow, only as far as I seek can I go, only as deep as I look can I see, only as much as I dream can I be!"

Some of our happy clients include:

Hon. Michael McGill & Court Detective- Family Court diversion program.

A Little About Michael...


Highlighted Events:

July 18th, 2018

Creating Community & Connection Experience- 

-Mazuma Credit Union 

May 1-4, 2017

Keynote & Student development masterclass

-University of the Bahamas

(Nassau, Bahamas) 

June 7th, 2018
Keynote & Masterclass (Educators + Social Service Leaders-) 
​-AlignSTL / Education Plus (St. Louis, Mo.)

Michael McGill, Jr | Speaker + Interrupter + Educator + TV Personality

Self-Improvement & Empowerment Speaker  |  Award-Winning Educator | T.V Personality | Mediator & Family Interventionist | 

               Author  | Youth & Family Development Expert | College Speaker | Corporate Employee Development Speaker  


Michael McGill, Jr.

Speaker | Interrupter | Storyteller | Educator

Short Bio:

Michael McGill, Jr. is a lifelong student of healthy relationships & human development, and he's an unrelenting optimist who believes that we can be great individually, but we can be unshakably extraordinary when we join and commune in healthy relationships with other people. Michael is anaccomplished internationally recognized empowerment / self-improvement speaker & storyteller who has spoken to organizations, including the U.S Army, Sprint, Georgetown University, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, and a host of government agencies, corporate entities, school districts, universities, educational and social service organizations. In addition, Michael is a best-selling author, award-winning educator, behavior interrupter, intervention specialist, and T.V personality who has been featured on both local and national networks- including Dr. Phill, CNN, HLN, CBS, ABC, FOX, NBC, and a host of regional radio shows and national daytime talk shows where he provides wisdom and insight on human behavior &  human connection. Praised for his ability to support individuals in enhancing the way they live, love, and lead, Michael has spent the last decade empowering people, organizations, and families with the tools to get clarity from chaos and discover healthier ways of being. Michael is currently enrolled in a post-graduate clinical counseling fellowship program at Johns Hopkins University, and with a strong background in urban education, conflict resolution, and social psychology, McGill has a robust passion for supporting leaders, teams, and families to overcome obstacles and live healthy lives. Michael, himself, is an overcomer of a toxic childhood that left wounds which needed healing and he knows how these deficiencies show up in our lives, our work, and within our family units. Rather he is talking to a group of corporate leaders, educators, social service workers, or college students, Michael has been praised for his ability to interrupt negative patterns with clarity and promote principles & policies that champion people to be their best selves. He's also regularly recognized for his graceful and skilled ability to both inspire audiences and leave them with actionable change strategies! Michael is dedicated to magnanimously aiding people in both seeing themselves and the world differently, and he has great zeal for building the capacity of leaders, educators, students, change makers, and culture shifters! In addition to youth, family, and people development, McGill is a strong advocate for educational equity and social justice, and he desires to light the world- one candle at a time.