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Students LOVE Michael and Michael surely loves them! He's not just a speaker- he's a connector with students! Not only is he remarkably passionate about his gift and talks, but Michael also has a strong passion for youth and young adults! Do you have a student leadership conference that is approaching? Maybe you're university   administrator and you want to encourage your students and excite them about the possibilities that await them in college and in life after school! Well, look no further- Michael is the PERFECT asset to your institution!

Michael also loves to help  college students dream. Sometimes, they just need a boost of encouragement and self-awareness in order for them to unleash the power that is within! They'll understand their worth, value, prize and identity- all after hearing Michael speak!

Michael is available for:  (SEE SAMPLE TOPICS BELOW)

  • Freshmen Orientation Programs
  • ​College Students & SELF-CARE 
  • Sophomore Slump / Empowerment 
  • Student Leadership Programs 
  • Student Government Programs 
  • University-wide Enrichment Programs
  • Diversity & Inclusion / Multicultural Affairs 
  • Healthy Relationship Seminars / Lectures
  • Self-Worth & Self-Esteem  
  • Overcoming Adversity 
  • Commencement / Graduation Speaker

In addition to motivational and empowerment speaking, many universities and student groups request Michael for scholarly lectures and educational sessions. 

Michael teaches & lectures about:

  • Race Relations on Campus

  • "Conflict Resolution" between FACULTY & STUDENTS (will also moderate a panel)
  • Understanding SOCIAL JUSTICE & SOCIAL AWARENESS on campuses

  • Conflict Resolution- Understanding & healing Conflict

  • Challenges and Joys of Urban Education

  • Youth & Family Development 

  • Effects of Fatherless-ness ​ 

  • Experience as a juvenile court administrator

  • Experience as a city health commissioner 

  • School of Education lectures / symposium

  • Author Talk 

  • The Power of Mentoring ​ 

  • Panel discussions 

Michael has experience as an educator, school counselor, family interventionist, and also has a graduate background in youth & family studies (development) and urban education studies. 

"I want to help teens and young adults learn the art of self-worth, self-love, fall in love with who they are and make integrity-based choices... I want to change the world, really!"  
- Michael McGill, Jr. 


 After a major college breakdown in life where Michael realized that some of his life's crayons were broken, he later became committed to finding ways to ensure that those crayons would still color. Michael worked hard to graduate high school at the early age of 16- as a junior- to escape the toxic childhood that he had endured. Because Michael's mother was not fully-equipped to support him, the challenges were ubiquitous and the transition was tough. The reality is that life and college is hard for many! This is a new transition for students and, while no one is fully prepared for the new world that awaits them, there are things that we can teach our students so that they can be empowered, more productive, and enjoy the journey that is set before them. The sooner students get these tools, the better prepared they'll be to beast their college career! This keynote provides thought-provoking insight and is ideal for, not just first-year students, but first-generation (first-gen) students as well. 
The keynote is filled with, not just inspiration and motivation, but tangible wisdom that every college student can use to embark on a successful college career. Michael believes that if he had known some of these pieces of wisdom, it could have saved him from some forms of headache and heartache, thus, he's committed to teaching them to anyone who will listen! 
    Michael is passionate about this interactive keynote because he knows that, at some point, we'll all encounter broken crayons in our lives. However, with the right tools of support and encouragement, every one of those crayons has the magical ability to, not only color, but create a wonder canvas and a marvelous masterpiece. 

Are you ready to plant good seeds in the lives of students!? This program is ideal for ANYONE who values success, growth, and personal / professional development. How much is students' success worth to you?

Learning Objectives:

As a result of this program, students will learn: 

  • 3 steps that empower us to be resilient 
  • The danger of walking alone: how & when to ask for help
  • Essential ways to practice self-care as they become new-life young adults 
  • How to create and pursue a personal "life vision"  

                                   CLICK HERE:

" Michael has a special gift of being able to break down what conflict is and provide tangible, PRACTICAL tools to heal conflict. He helped us uncover our biases and go deeper / raise our consciousness. He also made sure people didn't feel guilty or bad or shut down; he uses language that causes  people to "buy in" to a new way."

         - Shalini S.

Western Washington University

While there may be innate traits that propel us to be good leaders, the reality is that great and healthy leaders are developed and cultivated over time, space, and experience. In this encouraging, reflective, and interactive keynote, Michael discusses key factors that empower campus leaders and focus groups to go from "good" to "great" and he supports them in creating a positive and impactful leadership vision. 

Learning Objectives:

As a result of this program, students will learn: 

  • The truth about vulnerability, leadership, and adversity 
  • 3 ways to cultivate healthy leadership 
  • How to inspire those whom they serve
  • The danger of walking alone: how & when to ask for help
  • How to exude courage- even when afraid
  • ​Developing a "WHY" for leadership! 
  • The importance of advocating for "the least of these"
"Now I know that I'm an original- just look at my fingerprint! You made me believe that I am someone...for that, I thank you. "   -Angel M.,
Georgetown University

We see it everyday in the news and the stories about social injustice are ubiquitous. Poverty. Oppression. Violence. Racism. Sexism / misogyny. Xenophobia. And so much more. But what can we do about it?? It seems like there is so much regression and not enough progress. How can we respond and actually #be agents of change?? In this interactive and enlightening keynote,  Michael talks about much more than just #BlackLivesMatter; we dive into the heart of the matter and Michael speaks in such a way that your audience will not just push for what's equal, but what is equitable. His message is one of transparency, revelation, and thought-provoking insight to spark continuous dialogue. Michael is well known to be a thought-provoker and champion for building community-- so topics like this excite him because he knows much power can come alive through them. Through it all, Michael will use his passion, creativity, and acuity to show how human connection & compassion really can change the world.
As a counselor and mediator, Michael is used to working with groups who've experienced conflict and with his knack for conflict resolution and teaching understanding, he takes such a challenging topic filled with emotion, and he provides truth, clarity, awareness, grace, and practical strategies that we can apply to #be an ally of liberty and justice for all. 

Learning Objectives:

As a result of this program, students will learn: 

  • What social justice looks like in everyday actions 
  • Why we must check our own privileges in order to understand the plight of other's
  • How to define and identify their own implicit biases
  • Strategy for resolving conflict 
  • Insight: Students will see data and current examples on different forms of oppression. They will learn how to become more self-aware and intentional in their learning
  • 3 ways to respond and become an ally 

    Broken Crayons Still Color! (Designed for new students / and the "sophomore slump" ) 

Self-Improvement & Empowerment Speaker  |  Award-Winning Educator | T.V Personality | Mediator & Family Interventionist | 

               Author  | Youth & Family Development Expert | College Speaker | Corporate Employee Development Speaker  

    Truth to Power: There is Power in Womanhood!

Michael's reputation as a speaker is built on his ability to explore difficult topics with authenticity, tremendous honesty, warmth, and a healthy dose of humor. He is a master teacher, interrupter, researcher, and storyteller with the dynamic ability to both inspire audiences and leave them with actionable / strategic change strategies. Just wait to see how much college students love hearing from Michael! Even the educators / staff will be in awe!

Sample Speaking Topics​:

So it's no secret that Michael is a male and this program is for women. But this is intentional! Michael believes that something marvelous, amazing, and life-changing can occur when men become aware of their "privileges" and use their voice to advocate for, speak life to, and support women in being all that they were destined to be! This is why Michael loves this interactive, humorous, challenging, yet authentic keynote. Michael has been requested by meeting planners to speak at nearly 100+ women events and at many of those events, he was not only the sole male speaker, but the only male in the building! This caused for real / candid conversation, practical truths, powerful vulnerability, and life-giving transformation to take place in the lives of the women AND in Michael, too. Both Michael's grandmother and mother were victims of domestic violence and toxic relationships, and Michael has also witnessed so many women suffer in life because they didn't have the tools or courage to own their voice, vision, and power. Michael hopes to change that through his encouraging voice. As unorthodox as this program is, it draws in large numbers of university officials and students alike because of Michael's vulnerability, classical wisdom, encouraging stories, and practical teachings. Michael empowers the young women to break the glass ceiling, be bodacious, and go after their whole dollar in every area of life!! (equal pay statistic of men vs women pay gap.) 

Learning Objectives:

As a result of this program, students will learn: 

  • 4 ways to be bodacious  
  • Setting and communicating boundaries in personal relationships 
  • The need for women in leadership
  • Research behind why we don't speak up; strategy on and how to ask for what you want! 
  • How to create and pursue a personal "life's vision"

    #BE Social Justice: How to Become an Effective Ally

    Rise Up: A Powerful Guide for Practical Campus Leadership  

Highlighted Events:

July 18th, 2018

Creating Community & Connection Experience- 

-Mazuma Credit Union 

May 1-4, 2017

Keynote & Student development masterclass

-University of the Bahamas

(Nassau, Bahamas) 

June 7th, 2018
Keynote & Masterclass (Educators + Social Service Leaders-) 
​-AlignSTL / Education Plus (St. Louis, Mo.)

Michael McGill, Jr | Speaker + Interrupter + Educator + TV Personality

" Michael does more than merely give a talk; he BUILDS CAPACITY and creates  connection! His strategy, storytelling, and inspiration set the groundwork for transformation..."