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     " There are 3 BIG things that I've learned by working with young people and adults. 

       1) Hurt people hurt other people...

       2) Wounded People wound other people...

       3) Messed up people MESS UP people! " --MICHAEL MCGILL, JR.


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Michael McGill, Jr | Speaker + Interrupter + Educator + TV Personality
Repeat after me: "My alone feels so good, I'll only have you if you're sweeter than my solitude! " Loving ourselves is much more than caressing our bodies or kissing the mirror- it involves being clear and confident as to whom we allow to enter and pay rent in the apartment that we call "life". Not only is it fair to have standards, but we must actually enforce those standards when we're in ANY relationship. Please, don't be misled... I'm not just talking about being "in-love". I'm speaking of any relationship that you have with someone. Is it fulfilling?? Is it nurturing?? Are you being stretched and caused to think beyond your normal horizon? Or, are they toxic and poisonous??  I don't care how pure a glass of water is, if drops of poison mix with the water, then the once pure water will become poisonous! Are you hanging around gold or poison? Take it from my own tomfoolery- I've made silly choices with women because they thought I was "cute" or "smart", when in reality, they meant me no good....and deep inside, I knew the truth. I always tell clients that it's not enough to know the truth but one must actively  CHOOSE the truth to be set free! I knew these ladies didn't have the right heart or motives, but it took deliberate and intentional acts to claim my freedom.

In tapping into my self-love, I had to learn the tedious lesson that my worth was inherited on the day that I was born- no one could add or take that away and I couldn't find it in these ladies. To remind myself of this fact, I had to make another choice and I decided to write postcards  of my worth on my wall and mirror. "I'm an overcomer; I'm intelligent; I'm a producer" are some adjectives that were used. I needed to learn and act like I was worth MORE than gold! I had to fake it until I made it....wait, not  fake  it, but  FAITH it until I made it so that my actions could flow in concert with my true identity. Moreover, through my mother, I learned the difficult lesson that if we don't cut ties with toxic people, our children and family may have to suffer. My mom married a man with great potential but his choices weren't reflecting his worth. He was a well-known drug dealer and was involved in the streets. While it need not be this way, my step-father wasn't ready to give up the lifestyle and my heart mourns to this day. He was shot and murdered and as I saw his lifeless body on the pavement of a local gas station, all that I could think about was my 10-year old sister at the time who lost her father... it need not be this way. I hope that it's not too late for you to make another choice. What you hang around is what you become so please don't allow others to taint your glass of purified water. "Self-Love" is not selfish; it's healthy! Love yourself, even if it means dumping the toxic people that are around you. In order to be fulfilled, we must understand and believe that a mate cannot "complete" us; they're only able to "compliment" our being. Everything that you need has already been deposited within you-- your love, your desire to be complete, your purpose, etc. It's up to you to search and search until it comes to fruition and you then  MAXIMIZE it! Love yourself. Date yourself. BE yourself. Live yourself.
                                        Today's phrase is: "MAXIMIZE SELF!"

Highlighted Events:

July 18th, 2018

Creating Community & Connection Experience- 

-Mazuma Credit Union 

May 1-4, 2017

Keynote & Student development masterclass

-University of the Bahamas

(Nassau, Bahamas) 

June 7th, 2018
Keynote & Masterclass (Educators + Social Service Leaders-) 
​-AlignSTL / Education Plus (St. Louis, Mo.)