Self-Improvement & Empowerment Speaker  |  Award-Winning Educator | T.V Personality | Mediator & Family Interventionist | 

               Author  | Youth & Family Development Expert | College Speaker | Corporate Employee Development Speaker  

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Conflict Resolution & Intervention Services

Highlighted Events:

July 18th, 2018

Creating Community & Connection Experience- 

-Mazuma Credit Union 

May 1-4, 2017

Keynote & Student development masterclass

-University of the Bahamas

(Nassau, Bahamas) 

June 7th, 2018
Keynote & Masterclass (Educators + Social Service Leaders-) 
​-AlignSTL / Education Plus (St. Louis, Mo.)

Michael McGill, Jr | Speaker + Interrupter + Educator + TV Personality

​​We all have conflict- some more than others. 

Every relationship. Every organization. Every family. Every school. Every person deals with some form of conflict and it can be difficult to understand and mediate. That's where my expertise comes into the picture. I'm here to help your organization, family unit, or school diffuse tense conflict and learn a healthier pattern of living and operating so that you may perpetuate peace! 

My job is to disseminate the chaos and get to the ugly truth, ensuring that everyone is heard, seen, valued, respected, and held accountable! 

Having been a conflict resolution practitioner for nearly a decade, I support people, educational institutions, and organizations in enhancing the way they live, love, and lead.