Highlighted Events:

July 18th, 2018

Creating Community & Connection Experience- 

-Mazuma Credit Union 

May 1-4, 2017

Keynote & Student development masterclass

-University of the Bahamas

(Nassau, Bahamas) 

June 7th, 2018
Keynote & Masterclass (Educators + Social Service Leaders-) 
​-AlignSTL / Education Plus (St. Louis, Mo.)

Self-Improvement & Empowerment Speaker  |  Award-Winning Educator | T.V Personality | Mediator & Family Interventionist | 

               Author  | Youth & Family Development Expert | College Speaker | Corporate Employee Development Speaker  

Participant Testimonial- Women / Family Empowerment 

" Michael received the HIGHEST ratings that one can receive from our conference attendees. We even had to add a second break-out session because the first was filled to capacity!"

         -Dr. Jen T.,  "Education Plus" (HR / Educator professional development)

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(Michael's talks have been adapted for corporate audiences, youth/parents, educators, and faith communities): 



The WORLD is in need of someone just like YOU! Will you play big ?! 

Michael McGill, Jr. is a life-long student of healthy relationships & human development, and he's an unrelenting optimist  who believes that we can be great individually, but we can be unshakably extraordinary  when we join and commune in healthy relationships with other people. 


Michael is much more than a "speaker"- He's a master teacher, motivator, supporter, seed planter, interrupter, soul-stirrer, encourager, and human connector!  

Michael's reputation as a speaker is built on his ability to explore difficult topics with authenticity, tremendous honesty, warmth, and a healthy dose of humor. He has the dynamic ability to both inspire audiences and leave them with actionable / strategic change strategies. Check out his speaking / expertise topics on the following pages.

Audience members will be so in-tuned that they'll probably laugh, cry, and even dance with Michael during his keynotes!

Michael is experienced at supporting leaders and teams in building confidence and courage in their life and work-- tools that lead to connection. The self-improvement principles are real and proven to bring insurmountable benefits. There is not another speaker available who will move, inspire action, and connect with your audience like Michael McGill, Jr! 


  • Michael's methods are PRACTICAL and ACTIONABLE
  • People will FEEL inspired and enriched after his talk. Audiences love him! (Inspiration is the key to transformation)
  • Michael's passionate methods have been proven to support & empower team members and leaders with the tools to radically enhance their soft skills and their lives. 
  • Audience members will be so in-tuned that they'll probably laugh, cry, and even dance with Michael during this keynote!  
  • Michael brings an EXPLOSION of INSPIRATION and EXPERIENTIAL learning to the room!
  • Michael is accommodating, supportive, and easy to work with throughout the booking / finalizing process.  
  • You will receive customized content and material that's just for YOU! *Michael will schedule calls to assess your "pain points" and hear your vision for the event so that the expectations can be exceeded. 

What's the cost of success worth to YOU?

Michael Speaking

Client Testimonials...

Michael's talks are designed with interactive capacity-building exercises, peer-to-peer coaching, and thought-provoking research. As a researcher, interpersonal & soft-skills expert, and motivational intervention counselor, Michael brings both personal and professional development to audiences because, after all, the skills that we use at home and with our families are the same skills that we'll most likely use in the marketplace. What if we had the tools to be well at home, do well at work, and do good in the world? Michael brings the acuity and passion that causes a riveting paradigm shift.   

Partial list of our happy clients include:

Michael McGill, Jr | Speaker + Interrupter + Educator + TV Personality